Publications by the JewishGPS

The following pieces have been authored by JewishGPS:

Northeastern University Doctoral DissertationUnderstanding how under-engaged Jewish teens self-articulate and self-express Jewish identity and Jewish identification

The Unexpected Impact (of my own Israel Education)” chapter in Fault Lines: Exploring the complicated place of Progressive American Jewish Zionism, (ed Rabbi Menachem Creditor)

“Get Glue” chapter in Experience and Jewish Education

Jewish Values Challenge Cards & Supplemental Education Resources at Behrman House

eJewishPhilanthropy articles

Contribution to JESNA’s JE3 on-line journal

Contribution to URJ’s Torah at the Center, page 18

Contribution to Jewish Education Leadership Journal Aug 2010

Torah Aura Hadrakha Instant Lessons
Derekh Eretz
Tokecha Lessons
– Consumerism and Environmentalism
– Using the Internet for Social Justice

Choosing Judaism: Re-orienting “Covenant” Ceremony, D’var Limmud at Jim Joseph Foundation Fellowship gathering.

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